Madchimps doing charity by 10% of our profit. We are showing our unconditional love to orphans, farmers, child education etc.

Madchimps Education

Due to the belief that having more children will increase the family income in the future, their families are large, typically consisting of five or more people. However, because parents cannot afford to pay for every child’s education, some kids are compelled to leave school. People who live on the road, they even not have pupuse to survive. We come to a place where being a helpful hand becomes the purpose to survive and help them to higher studies to make their career brighter. Our charity is selfless to these kids however we understand every individual has the right to education.

Madchimps gives these kids a helping hand and guarantees their education up until they find meaningful employment. Students are sponsored by Madchimps to continue their studies. Based on recommendations from the principals of different schools, Madchimps chooses the pupils it will sponsor. The kids they suggest are worthy of and in need of the assistance that Madchimps provides. All of the children’s educational requirements—including tuition, supplies, and uniforms—are taken care of by the Trust. They continue to be involved with the students after that, though. The 10% of Madchimps’s profits will be donated to charity and created a brilliant reading curriculum for its students and has access to some of the best children’s literature available.

The vision we all hold for our nation is embodied through Madchimps. Intrinsic paradigms, judgments, and habits will start to improve with instruction as the initial step. People of merit will take their rightful positions as a result of empowerment, which will also result in shifting hierarchies that battle inequity. The key to realizing this ideal is education, and Madchimps may have figured out how to get there.

Madchimps Farmer

Imagine you spend three to four months cultivating soil and heavy labor under the scorching sun, only to find you are in debt and your crops can’t even feed your family. This is normal for Indian farmers. In this situation Madchimps help farmers to clear off their debts.

This has always been difficult for farmers. The outbreak sparked an even bigger catastrophe — a collapse in supplies that led to food shortages across the country. Madchimps worked with government and reached farmers and helped them in many ways by doing charity by 10% of our profit

Many farmers have good crops all year round and could have paid off their debts. However, low demand has pushed prices down by nearly a tenth. Only those rich enough to store the harvest survive.

Madchimps have always taken our farmers for granted. A vegetable or fruit travels a long way down a fragmented supply chain to reach our plate. The coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed supply chains and relentlessly hurt farmers, the people who fill our plates. Supply chains have been disrupted due to strict nationwide lockdowns.

Madchimps Orphan

Due to India’s limited resources and ongoing growth, there are also an increasing number of orphan children. Like our kids, the kids who are placed in orphanages genuinely need love and care. Every youngster deserves affection, consideration, and care. Our charity underlying the problems of these orphans and transforming them in a good manner. We give a professional transformation to negative attitude, and help out to develop a positive Outlook to live their life. We take care of their healthy food, complete nutrition, required education, and all personal necessities.

Our monthly contribution running orphanages fluently. The only way we can keep the Children’s Home running is through the sponsorship of caring people like you. Imagine being a child’s benefactor, bearing all the expenses, and witnessing the child’s dream come true.

Little creatures should be surrounded by loving individuals when they are born. However, many kids do not have family members nearby who can take care of them. All children should be happy, including those who are orphans. Madchimps spread happy moments in their lives. Give happiness in sorrowful eyes.

Madchimps Medical

Madchimps will provide medical volunteers by providing a service to them from the moment a volunteer lands in India, Madchimps arranges for housing, meals, and transportation for them. The Indian Host Family will be the volunteers’ home away from home. At the home of the host family, you will have a private room that you can share with another volunteer of the same gender for the program. Participants that are traveling in groups of friends, couples, or family members share a residence. Based on Madchimps regulations, our host families are carefully vetted and chosen. The host families have ten years of expertise in the field of welcoming foreign visitors. Madchimps will provide three conventional yet highly nourishing meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The food served at the lodging is typical of what Indian families eat daily.

However, Madchimps makes your arrangements from the nearby local market if you can’t adapt to the Indian Food or require more nutrition, protein, or a special diet in your meals. Your stay with the host family will allow you the chance to get to know the people, sample their food, learn their language, and immerse yourself in their customs and traditions while learning about Indian culture. It is very important to get good food to live a healthy life. In this crisis we support and share the food you require.

The members of the host family are cordial to Madchimps volunteers and speak English fluently. We also set up a transportation service for medical volunteers, which will pick you up every day and take you to the project site before dropping you off at home after you’re finished.